5 Tips to Rent Your Property Quickly

If you want to put your house up for rent, either for long periods of time or for short rentals, here is useful information to make your house more attractive, by making some practical and convenient changes so that you can rent it quickly, and at the best price.

1. Colours

One of the things which determine the appearance of your home, and thus its appeal to potential renters, is colour. Choosing the right colours can be a huge help in renting your house quickly. Everybody likes new places, so clean your walls, and apply a fresh coat of paint. It will make visitors feel more comfortable as they will associate the house with a new and fresh space, a new beginning. If the house is narrow and small, use light colours. On the other hand, if it looks cold inside, it is better to use warmer tones such as yellows or oranges that make the environment more cosy and comfortable. Incorporate flowers to make the space more enjoyable.

2. Open the house

When you show the house to potential tenants, open windows and doors to ensure good ventilation, and make sure the property is well illuminated. Good lighting is essential when it comes to showing your house, so that it can be fully appreciated. Additionally, ventilation will help the air circulate throughout the house, preventing smells, and generating a fresh environment.

3. Finishing and remodelling

Keep in mind the finishes of your house; think of details that might make it more beautiful. Remodel or refinish the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and any structures that will help improve the appearance of your property. Tenants will always prefer places that are in good condition. Even making sure that bathrooms, taps, etc. are spotless and in excellent condition could make a difference when showing the place.

4. Experiment with price

If you plan to rent your house, you should experiment with the price according to the demand in the local rental market. Stay on top of price trends for the high and low seasons. Consider special prices and offers, such as a weekend escape to a house … and include the specific characteristics that make it attractive, for example, in a secluded area, with all luxury amenities, etc. Use special days like Mothers’ Day or Valentine’s Day to promote short breaks or getaways. Research prices; get quotes for other rental properties so that you always have a competitive price.

5. Extra information

Give additional information which could positively influence a renter’s final decision. Consider promoting your property through special websites such as www.beresfordsgroup.co.uk where they help you to rent your house faster. Include useful information regarding parking facilities, shopping centres, nearby places of interest, convenient access routes, and a description of the neighborhood. This will make your property stand out from other rental options that are on the market.

Follow these recommendations and you’ll have your property rented out in no time!