Adding Value to Your Home with Bi-Folding Doors

Back in 2014, an article in The Sunday Times noted the growing popularity of bi-folding doors. Further back in 2011, The Times pointed to the way in which the trend is likely to increase the value of your home.

As we move towards 2016, sales figures tell us that the bi-fold door is more popular than ever amongst both those wishing to buy and those looking to stay in their homes. In fact, recent surveys suggest that a high quality set of bi-folding doors is more attractive to buyers than the addition of a new conservatory or kitchen! So, what are the reasons for this?

Bi-folding doors transform any living space

The sheer flexibility of the bi-fold door ensures that it can open a wealth of options for your home. The bi-folding door brings in more light than windows, French and sliding doors. This helps to make your home more welcoming and a nicer place in which to spend time.

Patio doors have come a long way since the mid-20th century, when build quality was sometimes questionable. The clever design of the bi-fold door ensures it is energy efficient, more secure, safer, lower maintenance and of course aesthetically-pleasing.

Bi-folding doors are also highly practical. Indeed, one of the major advantages of bi-folding doors is that they offer 90% opening, in contrast to the 50% that sliding doors provide. This means you can enjoy the outside like never before. In fact, the level of convenience and versatility the bi-fold door offers is almost endless.

The bi-folding door seamlessly opens up the space between the garden and the house. This is due to the lack of a step. Its unique flushed tracking system allows you to extend the floor of a tiled kitchen or conservatory floor right through to the outside. This creates the sense of one large living space and is therefore great for entertaining guests during the summer months.

Short on space? No problem!

Bi-folding doors fold away neatly, which makes them ideal for small spaces and door units. These doors are completely customisable. In fact, you can set them to open inwards or outwards. You can also choose to take advantage of multiple opening configurations. This means you can fold them to the left or right, or you can install a set with a corner configuration to transform a dark corner by flooding light into the room.

Easy to use

High quality bi-folding doors are very easy to operate. This is because they utilise free-glide running systems with near zero friction. Meanwhile, low maintenance needle roller bearings ensure that the doors are a breeze to open and close no matter how you set them.

Come in a wide range of materials and colours

Every type of bi-fold door comes in a range of materials. Aluminium is the preferred choice for many homeowners as it is more secure and durable than wood and uPVC. Aluminium also offers an appearance which many of our customers say is equal to wood in terms of sheer beauty.

Aluminium bi-folding doors come in a vast array of colours and finishes; so whether you want a metallic look, textured or wood-effect finishes – the choice is yours! The best quality aluminium bi-folding doors will be coated in a special powder. As a result, no aluminium bi-fold door we sell will corrode, lose their colour, warp or rot as a result.