Choosing A Double Glazed Window Style That Suits Your Home

From climate control to security, double glazed windows can improve many features of your home. These are the most popular styles of double glazed windows and the features offered by each.

Traditional Casement

Casement windows provide a traditional English look and ultimate choice of colour. This option is ideal for those looking to enjoy energy savings while maintaining aesthetic appeal. With both halves opening out from the middle, the design is timeless and is a great fit for double glazing. Casement windows are known to provide the best ventilation, so they are an ideal choice for enjoying pleasant weather.

Tilt and Turn

Constructed of uPVC, tilt and turn windows look similar to traditional casement but offer improved performance and security. The benefits of tilt and turn windows can best be experienced when tilting them inward from the top.

Double glazing provides superior climate control, but the ventilation afforded by tilt and turn windows comes in handy when you need fresh air. Tilt and turn windows offer the best cost-to-effectiveness in terms of climate control.

Vertically Sliding Sash

Vertical sash windows are more expensive than the first two options, but they offer a wider set of features. Modern versions of these windows are constructed of uPVC and offer the security and utility that comes with it.

Best of all, both the top and bottom panes of vertical sash windows tilt inward. As a result, cleaning is easier than ever. Combined with a double glazed design, these windows are essentially upgraded versions of the tilt and turn design.


Reversible windows have come a long way in recent years. They were once a security nightmare with little to prevent children and pets from climbing through. Now, the uPVC versions of these windows offer child locks for improved security.

The greatest benefit of these windows, however, is their maneuverability during the cleaning process. As they are capable of rotating a full 180 degrees, these windows are safely cleanable in high-rises and attics. Their capability for ventilation is second only to casement windows. These are an unlikely choice for ground-floor windows, but are the ideal option for a building’s upper levels.

After you’ve decided to upgrade your windows see the wide range of double glazing on offer at Select Home Windows in Leicester, these are the most popular styles to select from. Whether you prefer ventilation, utility or anything in between, there is style for you and your home.