How to Feel Right At Home when Moving to Your New Abode

Have you ever noticed that most new homes for sale don’t seem to have any sort of personality? That’s because the previous owners have taken out all their personal belongings. Meanwhile, you haven’t yet gotten used to your new house yet.

It may take a while for you to consider your new house as your home. However, there are some transition measures you can take so that you don’t need as much time to make yourself feel right at home.

  1. Play your favorite music. Don’t bother to set up your complicated audio system right away if this takes too much time. Instead, just attach a set of small speakers into your smartphone or laptop and play some mp3 tunes. Music always works in setting the right atmosphere, and playing your favorite tunes can be relaxing. The fact that you can play the tunes you want in the volume you prefer also confirms the fact that the house is yours and you’re not a guest.
  2. Focus on the bedroom first. So where do you start? Fixing up the whole house can seem like a daunting task, so focus on something smaller first. You should concentrate your first efforts on sprucing up your bedroom so that it feels cozy and relaxing. So even when you don’t finish moving in all your stuff on the first day, at least with a finished bedroom you can relax at night.
  3. Get your personal photos and pictures out. Hanging these things on the walls will take a lot of time and effort, so you may want to put that off. But you can put your smaller framed photos on tables while you can just stand the other bigger framed photos on the floor near the walls. These should help make the house feel like yours.
  4. Set up the bathroom. An incomplete bathroom can really emphasize the fact that you’re not really at home yet. So as soon as possible, hang a curtain on the shower. Then put in all your bathroom stuff, such as your soaps, lotions, toilet paper, and towels. When the time comes to take a bathroom break, at least the place feels more comfortable for you.
  5. Have someone buy the fridge and kitchen staples. It doesn’t really feel like home when the fridge is empty, right? So stock up on milk, bottled water, and soda, along with ketchup, salt, pepper, and sugar. You may have to live on takeout and delivered food for a while, but these kitchen staples should help make them taste just a bit better.
  6. Hang the curtains on the windows. Naked windows often give the vibe of an abandoned building, so dress them up with curtains right away.
  7. Unpack your books and magazines. These things may not seem essential, but they’re undoubtedly yours. That means taking them out and displaying them emphasizes your ownership of the place. Also, when you take a break these reading materials can help pass the time.
  8. Set up your favorite gadget. That probably means your TV, stereo, and computer. These will help you relax when you’re on a break, and also they dispel the gloomy silence when you have them playing in the background.

If possible, reserve the first few days of moving in to get your home set up properly. If that’s not possible, then continue your efforts after working hours and on weekends. Don’t take too long into unpacking all your boxes—the sooner you feel at home in your new place, the better you’ll feel about yourself and about your new life!