Ways to Make Your Windows More Secure

Aside from the entry and exit doors, windows can also be entry points for intruders into your home, so you should also make sure they are burglarproof. Many homeowners tend to overlook the windows and as a result, burglars can easily find their way into homes through them. The following tips should help you in burglar proofing your home.

1. Reinforce your glass windows

Reinforce the glass using security materials. This can be done in several ways. One is by using tempered glass, which is more difficult to break than ordinary glass. Also, a great option is laminated glass which consists of layers of vinyl and regular glass. This is called safety glass, and is very difficult to break, and if an intruder tries to break it, he will create a loud noise.

2. Consider plexigas and polycarbonate windows

Plexigas or acrylic plastic windows are as thick as traditional windows but are ten times stronger. If you have the budget, why not install polycarbonate windows. They are more expensive – but for good reason. They are 10 times stronger than acrylic windows and 250 times more resistant to impact than safety glass.

3. Install iron bars

Window bars prevent intruders from getting in. If you are concerned about aesthetics, many companies offer decorative bars that will suit the exterior style of your home. Some people might be worried about safety in case of fire, because they would not be able to exit through the windows. In this case, you can install bars with quick release devices located inside the property. With a click of a button, the bars will be released.

4. Use an alarm

Alarms can be your second line of defence after door locks and strong windows. A wide range of alarms are available on the market today. You can go for a simple window alarm that detects a broken or open window and activates to warn you, or disrupt the intruder. More complex alarms can monitor the area around windows and activate when they detect motion.

5. Install good window locks

Locks now come in various types. Window locks and deadbolts are excellent, but a great burglary deterent is window locks that are visible outside. Do not depend on pre-installed locks on your windows because most burglars can unlock these using master keys. Search for more secure products available.

You never know when thieves might attempt to break into your home. But you can do a lot by taking proactive measures to burglarproof your home. Take advantage of the available products in the market, there are plenty of them. Speak to professional Oxford security services providers about how you can improve your home’s safety. Certainly, they can tell you the areas of your home that need more attention.